Saturday, January 26, 2008

Call out to my friends!

Dear friends,

To anyone who rides the TTC and has collected a shitload of transfers from multiple rides over the course of weeks on end...DON'T THROW THEM OUT!!

Instead, give them to me and I'll turn them into art!

You see, I'm currently experimenting with mixed media painting in conjecture with my Character Design class. Using the caricatures that I'll be drawing in my sketchbook while riding the TTC, I'll later bring them to my easel and paint them up using the transfers as a wallpaper background.

I'm hoping it will have an interesting effect and connect the idea of rider and transit system together.

Could make for a good series. ;)

Sincerely the ever growing Artiste,
~ HeatHer

p.s: I've got a few Oakville and Mississauga transfers lying around too.

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