Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dragonball Z Live-Action Movie

So the rumour around the internet is there is going to be (maybe) a live-action Dragonball Z movie, if it ever gets out of production hell that is. This movie has been in the works, trying to get started for a few years now at least. It might be a Dragonball or Dragonball Z movie, depending on which sources you look at. One source says it's the same plot of the anime series, another has an entirely random plot set with Goku as an unpopular high schooler (can I have a big, "WTF?!") other sources will have slightly different casts, one of which listed James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame to play Piccolo. Granted, I think he has the right facial features, but I don't know if he could pull it off. I'm sure because this is a Hollywood production they chose him because he is British as EVERY American-made film must have an Englishman as the villain.

In my opinion, if a Dragonball OR Dragonball Z movie were to be made, it should be made with a Japanese cast and crew. Enough said.

My Future

I don't think anything says what lies ahead for an artist after graduation quite like Amy Donohoe's comic The Littlest Hobo ( page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6 ).

Bring on the hobo fights.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day o7

My Christmas present to my parents, a painting of me from a photo when I was 2 and a bit. :)
I can't help but notice in this picture how MASSIVE my painting looks in comparison to the Christmas tree. O__O ;
Plus, my family and I were joined by a friendly little spider today. ^^

My Christmas Haul:
- Ratatouille DVD
- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DVD
- flannel pyjamas
- Swiss Army knife
- knock-off Ferrero Rocher chocolates from President's Choice
- $25 gift certificate at Indigo/Chapters

Hope everyone's having a good day and if nothing better is happening for you today, just be happy in the fact that this Christmas season is over!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Artworks for Sale!

Give these little guys a good home!

$13 -- Super Mario World. 1UP mushroom (4x4"; acrylic on stretch canvas)

$13 -- Super Mario World. fire flower (4x4"; acrylic on stretch canvas)

$8 -- Super Mario Bros. mushroom (4x4"; acrylic on stretch canvas)

Seneca Winter o8 Portfolio

To be honest, my life drawings could have been QUITE a bit better than these and my room drawings could have been MUCH better. A lot of the time I'm wondering how I got in myself with this stuff when there are so many people better than me. I just hope this wasn't a fluke, and if it was I will prove that I can do better. Really I can! ;__;

Portfolio requirements:
- 7 life drawings (3 of mine...ran away?)
- 2 hand drawings
- 2 object drawings
- 2 room drawings
- 2 of your best drawings (which also...ran away... -__-)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice 2007

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! The darkest day of the year and I'm practically a vampire the way I sleep. :P
So in celebration, head over to Jeff Smith's blog to read a very cute comic featuring his characters from BONE celebrating the holiday. Also, some advice for building a career as a freelance artist and/or paid cartoonist from Dave Roman.

Friday, December 21, 2007

STARDUST and 3 Legged Legs

Personally, I am for the most part against the use and abuse of artists in the advertisement industry, the whole "selling a product thing" doesn't go over too well with me. But just for the sake of being hypocritical, there are always exceptions to the rules. Let me direct your attention to two companies who have thus far primarily focused on advertisement: STARDUST and 3 Legged Legs. Both companies are bursting with AMAZING eclectic talent that really brings something wonderfully new and beautiful to a capitalistic industry.

3 Legged

X-Men manga

Over at The Beat there's an article about Marvel and Del Ray Manga teaming up and announcing a X-Men shojo and shonen manga currently in production. The shojo manga will be written by husband-and-wife team Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier (whom I got to talk to at this past Toronto Comics Arts Festival ^^). Both manga will be released in Spring 2009.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight, Having a Wonderful Time ~~!

So to sum up my life after high school so far (and for those of you out of the loop), to make a long story short:

- June 2006: Wrapped up Grade 12 quite nicely with five As and one B in my six required college/university prep courses.

- September 2006: Begun the Art Fundamentals (Animation stream) program at Sheridan College.

- October 2006: Graduated from Western Technical-Commercial School, earning my Ontario Secondary School Diploma and an Ontario Scholar Certificate.

- April 2007: Graduated from Art Fundamentals (Animation stream) at Sheridan College, earning an Ontario College Certificate and a 3.25 GPA.

- September 2007: Begun the 2nd year of the Visual & Creative Arts (Advanced) program at Sheridan College.

- November 30th, 2007: Accepted into the Animation program at Seneca College and promptly dropped out of Sheridan College at the end of the fall term.

- January 2008: Beginning the Animation program at Seneca College.

So, in under 2 years I've been in 3 schools, graduated 2 times, been enrolled in 3 post-secondary programs, lived in 3 homes, in 2 cities, in 4 bedrooms, with 3 (technically 4...) roomates... and I've made more friends than I can count. :') *tear*

I had to write all this out just to keep track of it all. What a whirlwind ride it's been and I can expect it only to get crazier now that I'M AN ANIMATOR!! FINALLY! 12 years and 7 portfolios of dreaming later I've arrived at this point. Life is good.

So...this is what I can expect to happen late at night and sleep-deprived at Seneca? XD

A bunch of paintings

Here's a bunch of paintings I've done over the past year that I'm pleased with:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Character Commission Rates

$2.50 - HAND-sized sketch (4.25 x 5.5")
$5 - HALF-page sketch (8.5 x 5.5")
$10 - FULL-page sketch (8.5 x 11")

+ 50% - for each additional character

x 2 - inked
x 3 - greytones/black + white*
x 4 - full colour*

x 4 - greytones/monotones**
x 5 - full colour**

* dry media: graphite pencils, pencil crayons, copic markers
** wet media: watercolour, acrylic.


Stretch + board canvas paintings:

3 x 5" - $8
4 x 4" - $8
4 x 5" - $9
6 x 6" - $12
6 x 8" - $14
7 x 9" - $16
8 x 8" - $16
8 x 16" - $24

8" (circle) - $16
12" (triangle) - $24


E-mail requests and/or questions to: with "Commission" as the subject.

Examples of commissions coming soon...