Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight, Having a Wonderful Time ~~!

So to sum up my life after high school so far (and for those of you out of the loop), to make a long story short:

- June 2006: Wrapped up Grade 12 quite nicely with five As and one B in my six required college/university prep courses.

- September 2006: Begun the Art Fundamentals (Animation stream) program at Sheridan College.

- October 2006: Graduated from Western Technical-Commercial School, earning my Ontario Secondary School Diploma and an Ontario Scholar Certificate.

- April 2007: Graduated from Art Fundamentals (Animation stream) at Sheridan College, earning an Ontario College Certificate and a 3.25 GPA.

- September 2007: Begun the 2nd year of the Visual & Creative Arts (Advanced) program at Sheridan College.

- November 30th, 2007: Accepted into the Animation program at Seneca College and promptly dropped out of Sheridan College at the end of the fall term.

- January 2008: Beginning the Animation program at Seneca College.

So, in under 2 years I've been in 3 schools, graduated 2 times, been enrolled in 3 post-secondary programs, lived in 3 homes, in 2 cities, in 4 bedrooms, with 3 (technically 4...) roomates... and I've made more friends than I can count. :') *tear*

I had to write all this out just to keep track of it all. What a whirlwind ride it's been and I can expect it only to get crazier now that I'M AN ANIMATOR!! FINALLY! 12 years and 7 portfolios of dreaming later I've arrived at this point. Life is good.

So...this is what I can expect to happen late at night and sleep-deprived at Seneca? XD

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