Sunday, April 20, 2008

Painting Concept Design - sketch progress

So I've had this idea for a drawing (and then painting) of the Grim Reaper playing a guitar for like 2 WEEKS and because of needing to get schoolwork done I haven't gotten it out of my head until today! I swear it's like I was having creative constipation for a few weeks wanting to get this idea on paper. x___x

And I finally, FINALLY made it downtown to Midoco and got some canvases last Thursday so I'm gonna start painting this little bugger up on 18x24" ASAP!! XD


Big Peru said...

Yo, how's it going today? Just came across your blog today. Awesome stuff! Had googled Mario Bros mushroom digital and your painting was within the pics. Clicked and came to a wonderful world. I needed a refrence...I had drawn out a digi mushroom already and tattooed myself just a couple days ago. It's still healing and I didn't color it. I was debating which shroom it should be. I had noticed I messed up, but I'm content with it. I shouldn't of outlined the
dots. Along with not adding enough border shade. Well you got some amazing skills! I clicked the home page, and seen more of your work and spotted the Grim on Guitar. Well....If you wouldn't care...I'd like my next tattoo of it. The only thing i'll change is the strings...I'm a bassist...Yea...Other then that I'd like to draw it up and tat it. Just with consent of you though. I've got an old DA account, I've gotten much better since then(XxxXPESTXxxX). But I won't disruptur the awesomeness of your art. Thanks, and keep up the good stuff! Oh, uh...You can reach me on AIM(Banryuu Keeper) or MSN( Alright, have a good day!

Anonymous said...

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